Friday, July 8, 2016

Chapter 2: The Eve of Vacation

Friday, July 8

7:00a. Home

It’s the last day of work before our vacation. I am actually super excited! Forget all the moaning and groaning about sleeping and bathrooms. This is going to be awesome! Just one more day. I can’t wait!

3:00p. Work

My company has “3 o’clock Fridays” in the summer which means my vacation just started! Woo hoo!

3:30p. Ace Hardware

I stopped by the just-opened Ace Hardware (in the old Hoss’s restaurant) in Moon Township to pick up a few things. They’re having a sale on tarps! Only $2 for a 6’ x 8’ tarp! I just bought five tarps. You can never have too many tarps!

4:30p. Library

Stopped at the local library to get a book or two -- and ran into my wife and all my kids! They are checking out -- no lie -- about 50 DVDs to watch in the car. I LOVE THE LOCAL LIBRARY!

I joke around with my wife and my kids and the librarians and I am totally in a good mood because we are going to have an EPIC WONDERFUL VACATION!

5:00p. Backyard

So here’s the plan for the evening: I need to mow the lawn because we won’t be home for two weeks. That’ll take me a couple of hours. Then I’ll pack the van. Should take another hour or two. Then it will be 9 or ten and I can have a beer and relax with my wife and then get to bed before 11 and we can be up by 6 and on the road by 6:30. WE ARE GOING ON VACATION TOMORROW AND I CANNOT BE MORE EXCITED!

6:42p. Backyard.

Some bee or wasp or hornet or something JUST STUNG ME ON THE TEMPLE ON THE SIDE OF MY FACE. My face hurts* so GD much!

Screw mowing the lawn and packing the car I’m going to bed I’ll take care of it in the morning this vacation hasn’t even started and already it sucks. DAMMIT.

(* I know: it’s killing you.)